News from Lunaria Ltd. Lunaria Ltd. are based at Summerhall, Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Armchair Theatre 2

Having a new theatre space right next door to our studio has given me the opportunity to see a few fringe shows. Choosing what to go and see based purely on the basis of proximity probably isn’t the most sophisticated selection criteria but it has actually worked quite well. Really enjoyed everything I have seen […]

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Armchair Theatre

Having a theatre right next door to our studio is proving to be really convenient. Just sat in on Sylum (by the Blue Dog Project) and grabbed a few images of the performance. Headed back to the studio, made a cup of coffee and processed through the shots. All done and dusted with time to […]

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Noisy neighbours

Summerhall has proved to be a great place to have our studio, always lots going on both creatively and socially but just not at our end of the building. It’s our only reservation about being here, sometimes it’s quiet, very quiet and it would be nice if there was a bit more of a buzz […]

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Easy Hang Hooks

We have recently been working an interesting project for Easy Hang Systems a local start up company. The owner of the company, Donald Reid, has designed an innovative new curtain hook and is in the process of manufacturing¬† a pre-production run of his new product. The hook itself is really pretty ingenious and in theory […]

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News, Charity Person of the Year 2073

Our friend and creative collaborator Joanna Boyce has just been awarded the Scottish Nepalese Association’s “Charity Person of the Year” award. The award was presented to her by Cllr Steve Burgess and Rajendra Bam, Chairman of the NSA at this year’s New Year Celebration. We have worked with Joanna and the NSA on quite a […]

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News, New studio at Summerhall

Not exactly news, since we have been in the new studio space at Summerhall since September last year, however we have just finally finished off setting it up. It was perfectly habitable when we first moved in but the lilac walls (and radiators) and purple carpet had to go. The cleaning and painting was pretty […]

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News, Forth Pipe Organs Website

Just finished an major redesign of the Forth Pipe Organs Website. We designed their original site way back in 2009 so it really was in need of a fairly major makeover. The old site was still functioned quite well but was built before video and audio were commonplace and way before the need to design […]

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News, SSE Hydro

We were asked by a client to photograph some work they had completed at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow. The Hydro is always busy and gaining access proved to be a bit problematic. The staff at the venue were really helpful but finding an appropriate “window” between shows and events was difficult. We set a […]

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News, Signs Seeds and Woods Video

We have just completed a set of (very) short videos as part of a project we have been delivering for Forestry Commission Scotland. One of the objectives of the project was to look into the feasibility of expanding the BSL (British Sign Language) glossary to include a greater number of Botanical subjects. As this was […]

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News, Phi Group

Phi Group is the largest retaining solutions specialist in the UK designing, supplying and building a wide range of retaining structures and over the last few years we have photographed a number of their projects throughout the UK. Over the last couple of month we have covered sites in Nottingham, Stanley (the one in the […]

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News, Nidd Press

We have just completed a website for Phil Knight of Nidd Press. Phil has just set up his own publishing company and explains the reasons why: In 2009 I was touring a performance piece devised from a series of poems I had written as a meditation on the Greek story of Prometheus. These poems made […]

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News, Cuba Conservation Trust

We have working a new web site for the Cuban Conservation Trust an Edinburgh Charity who are working to preserve Cuba’s architectural heritage. As Cuba enters a dramatic new era of its development, it is paying the price of lack of building maintenance and the US embargo in many different ways. The crumbling infrastructure of […]

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News – Signs, Seeds and Woods

We currently involved in a really interesting project, well it’s two projects really. The first involves organising the completion of a Himalayan Garden in the Hermitage of Braid, Edinburgh. The second is a pilot project aimed at expanding the British Sign Language (BSL) glossary of signs for botanical subjects. Although it probably doesn’t appear immediately […]

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News, Online Boutique

We have been working closely with Scott Heron to produce a new web site for Edinburgh based Interior Designer Jessica Buckley. The redesigned site,¬† which launched earlier in the month features a portfolio of her work along with an online boutique. Jessica had very clear ideas about how she wanted the site to look […]

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Apple Mail – Accepting security certificates

If you are using Apple Mail you may find that you have difficulty logging into your email account following our recent update of our Security Certificate. This is quite a common issue with Macs. The following should help to explain what going on and instruct you on how to accept the updated certificate In most […]