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News, The bridge by Annie George

I have just completed the promotional material for Annie George’s forthcoming production “The Bridge” which is being premièred as part of this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe “The Bridge is a solo performance piece, blending text, sound and visual design. The starting point is a quest to piece together the life and lost work of Paduthottu Mathen […]

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News, Graffiti Wall

I was asked to document the results of a community initiative that involved the creation of a “graffiti wall” on the back of Craiglockhart Sports Centre. The artwork was completed several years ago by a group of local artists. I don’t have the names of those involved but if you know anyone that contributed, please […]

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News, Corporate Portraiture

We just completed a portraiture session with two of the staff members at Xpress Recruitment. The Xpress team are always busy and time was a factor so we set up a temporary “studio” at their premises so that we could capture the images on-site. In the past I have photographed most, if not at all, […]

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News, Ports of Scotland exhibition stand

Ports of Scotland needed to renew their “pop up” and “pull up” banners and asked if we would be able to help out. We provided the required design input and arrange for production and delivery.

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News, Ports of Scotland web site

Lunaria have hosted the Ports of Scotland web site for some years now and we have just finished an update to its look, feel and functionality. The object of the update was to make the site easier to use and to give it a more contemporary. The main challenge was to restructure the existing written […]

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Email Authentication and Encryption

This topic causes annoyance on a regular basis for many, including ourselves. Here are some tips on keeping your email secure with a minimum of hassle. Why should I use email authentication and encryption ? When you send or receive email, the first step is to authenticate yourself with the mail server. This involves sending your […]

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News, The Way of the Woods

We have just completed another photographic assignment for Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS). The brief was to photograph the final session of “The Way Of Woods” project which was delivered over the last few months by Joanna Boyce of Creative Art Works. The project plan was focused on delivering an innovative outdoor creative arts/environmental project specifically […]

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News, The Bridge

Playwrite and Film Maker Annie George is currently putting together a new piece that will be premiered at this years Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The work will centre around the life of her grandfather, a poet and academic in 1940’s India. Annie approached us to help create an identity for use in the forthcoming publicity for […]

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News, Heartbleed ?

You may have heard reports in the media concerning the Heartbleed bug which is a vulnerability in a widely-used security software library. The good news is that our server was patched on April 7th 2014, closing this security hole. We would stress that, to date, there is no evidence that the security of the our […]

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News, WordPress 3.8.2 Security Release

We like WordPress and use it a lot, most of the sites we design and built have WordPress at their core. We are not alone it is estimated that around 60 million people this software for their online CMS (content management system). WordPress is constantly evolving and, as you may have heard in the media, […]

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News, Lunaria re-launched as Lunaria Ltd.

Lunaria has re-launched and is now formally established as Lunaria Ltd. This took place a few months ago. You may already know of the change however we felt that it was important to take the time to make an “official” announcement to valued clients, contacts and friends. The directors of Lunaria Ltd. are Lindsay Snedden […]

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News, Server migration complete

The migration to the new Lunaria server is now very much complete. We would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who now have your website and email accounts hosted with us. We understand how traumatic even minor updates to your web services can appear so thank you for your valuable feedback […]

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News, History Board “official” unveiling

Yesterday I was invited to the “official” unveiling of the History Board that we created for the Friends of Craiglockhart Woods and Nature Trail. Local councillor Gavin Corbett (Scottish Green Group) said a few words and then the veil (well, a tartan rug really) was drawn back. Two children from Craiglockhart Primary School who had […]

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News, Spring Holi Day

It’s while since Lunaria have been directly involved in helping to create an event so when the opportunity arose to help create a “Spring Holi Day” for the Forestry Commission Scotland I jumped at the change. For those that don’t already know… “Holi is a spring festival also known as festival of colours, and sometimes […]

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News, Duddingston Festival

Joanna at Creative Art Works asked if I would be interested in helping out with the newly created Duddingston Festival. I was keen to be involved as new projects like this always present the opportunity to create something new and hopefully help to contribute to the success of the project. The Duddingston Festival was primarily […]