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We were lucky enough to be chosen by Just-Nepal to help put together the visual elements required for the companies emerging brand identity. I say lucky because it turned out to a be a really interesting project. The work involved developing a logo, creating the printed materials needed for the launch (leaflets, business cards, and […]

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News. Phi Group, Bearsden

I recently completed some on-site photography for Phi Group. The shots detail timber “crib” retaining walls that had just completed as part of a housing development in Bearsden near Glasgow. It took a couple of trips to get the shots. Despite the favourable weather forecast, it was raining so hard on the first visit to […]

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News. At last, we have updated the website.

As you can hopefully see, I have taken a wee bit of time to update the website. Nothing too drastic, I just wanted to keep it fresh, share some of the new work we have been doing over the last couple of months and look back over over a few of the projects that we […]

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News. New Server now up and running

So far everything has gone really smoothly however existing clients who have migrated to the site should be aware of the following: How will the change effect your website? There may be a brief transitional period where visitors to your web site will see a message saying “This account has moved”. The duration will depend […]