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Playwrite and Film Maker Annie George is currently putting together a new piece that will be premiered at this years Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The work will centre around the life of her grandfather, a poet and academic in 1940’s India.

Annie approached us to help create an identity for use in the forthcoming publicity for her play. Appropriate visual references were fairly difficult to come by however, as child, she had photographed a painting of her grandfather which hung in the family home back in Kerala. She took the picture down from the wall and took it outside to take the pic. Despite the fact that Annie shot the image when she was 8 years old and in the days before high quality digital photography was the norm (not that long ago) the resulting image is really good. Unfortunately the technical limitations of the scanned image left a lot to be desired and couldn’t be used in its original form (pity) but it did form the inspiration for creating something new. All credit goes to the (at the moment) unknown artist of the original portrait and and to Annie’s fledgling photograph skills.

Performance identity by Lunaria Ltd.