Web hosting and domain name registration

In addition to designing and building websites, Lunaria also offer managed web hosting and domain name registration.

Rather than offer pre-defined hosting packages, we prefer to ask what your requirements are, then offer a package that meets your needs. For instance, you may already have email services and are just looking for somewhere to host your web site. We can configure your domain name to use any existing service for email (e.g. Microsoft Office 365) whilst hosting your web site on our infrastructure.

If you already have a domain name, and would like to use our services, we can guide you through the technical minefield of DNS (Domain Name System) so that all your services point in the right direction.

  • Not sure what a database is ?
  • What is SEO (search engine optimisation) and why do I need it ?
  • Would I better with a .com, a .uk or a .org domain name ?
  • Can  I get a .scot domain name for my business

We can answer these questions. Rather than offer a £1/minute support number, please feel free to give us a call on 0131 202 6612. As we are a small business, there are times that you may need to leave a message. Alternatively, contact us via email : support@lunaria.co.uk, or through our Facebook chat.

For examples of sites that we host, please feel free to browse our portfolio and read what our client say about us.