News, A picture paints a thousand words

We have recently completed a website for our chum, Joanna Boyce, a very accomplished artist. She wanted a site that would effectively showcase the different elements of her work but it had to be easy for her to update.  She correctly observed that lots of sites stagnate because the owner either lacks the time and/or the technical skills to add new content and like lots of people Joanna is very talented in her field(s) of expertise but readily admits that ‘computers’ isn’t one of them. 

So together we spent a bit of time, not only, designing how the site would look but also in working out what Joanna’s computer skills were and then ensuring that the demands of running the site matched those skills. As a result all that is required to create a new ‘post’ on the site is a single image and a title, that’s it. Of course the site has a lot more flexibility than that and content can (and does) also include text, image galleries, video etc. etc. However these are optional and only need to be included where appropriate so no need to sit and type thousands of words when a single picture will suffice.

So far the response to the site has been really positive,  Joanna has been able to upload and organise a ton of ‘stuff’, feedback from visitors has been good and most importantly the site has helped generate commissions for her work. Great.