What clients say about Lunaria Ltd.

“Lunaria have hosted my web services since 2007. Over that period, they have been very reliable and any issues that have arisen have been responded to and resolved quickly and efficiently. In 2019, Lindsay re-designed my web site from top to bottom, migrating content from an existing bespoke site to WordPress. I needed something that would impress my client base in the television industry and Lindsay’s expertise in graphics and design was invaluable, culminating in a slick, branded site that meets modern web standards”.

Richard Farnsworth
Composer and Audio Engineer, Soundbyte

“The UK Society for Computing and Technology in Anaesthesia (SCATA) has been a client of Lunaria Ltd for more than ten years. Over that period, Grant in his role as webmaster has built a comprehensive set of bespoke online tools to manage our membership database. In addition, the site undergoes regular updates to keep it in line with the latest web standards of usability and security. SCATA receives good technical support in resolving any issues and in efficient content management. More recently, Grant has built a bespoke online meeting management system that covers delegate registration, payments, programme management, meeting evaluation and feedback. Lunaria also maintain an online mailing list for SCATA using the popular PHPList open source mailing tool.”

Dr Andrew Norton
President, SCATA

“We moved our aging site over to Lunaria a few years back and the team re-vamped and made it modern and current. It now looks and functions much better. The team at Lunaria are very helpful and skilled at hosting the site and respond quickly to any change requests. I would recommend Lunaria for small to medium sized businesses looking for design and a web master”

Garry Richmond
Director, Print Scotland

“Lindsay and Grant took the time to sit down with me, chat through my requirements and listened to my ideas about how I wanted my site to look and function. They not only took on board what I had to say but chucked lots of their own creative and technical ideas in to the mix. The result is something that showcases my work and is easy for me to update. Importantly I now have a website that I feel really comfortable with. “

Joanna Boyce

“Having worked with Lindsay Snedden and Lunaria on and off for seventeen years, I regard him as an integral part of my creative family, producing eye-catching artwork for print, branding and production photographs. I particularly value his advice, the collaborative nature of his approach and his understanding of the narrative around how best to visually represent my work. Frankly he’s the best!”

Annie George
Writer, Performer, Director

“From working with Lindsay and the team on a number of projects I can safely say Lunaria provide an outstanding, professional and efficient service. Lunaria have the knowledge and expertise to quickly come up with excellent contemporary designs, often with only a vague concept as a starting point. They have gone above and beyond to meet challenging timelines and accommodate last minute revisions with alacrity. I can’t recommend them more highly.”

Matthew Haughton
Project Developer, vento ludens

“Fantastic company to work with. Completely professional, but with very personal touch. Can’t recommend highly enough.”

Morag Neil
Scary Biscuits Promotions