Digital Marketing and SEO

A whole industry has grown up around the quest for ‘getting on page 1 of Google’. We know that in spite of reports to the contrary, there are no quick or simple ‘tricks or fixes’ to catapult your brand up the rankings. Digital Marketing requires time, effort and sometimes the judicious purchase of keywords from the search engine providers. We’ll do the basics for you – register your domain on the search console, provide a site map and install an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) plugin on your WordPress site (where appropriate) but the key to success is market research and the generation of relevant content in your sector or domain of knowledge. We can also guide you through connecting your web site to your social media presence, ensuring that your new content is presented correctly. This will give you the best chance of attracting attention in a very crowded marketplace.

If your business or charity is seeking a technical partner for Digital Marketing, please get in touch.