Domain Names

Domain Names are the real-estate of the Internet. Whether you have an existing domain name, or want to register a new one, we can research, recommend and if appropriate, register names on your behalf.  When registering new names, it’s important to consider the appropriate suffix (.com, etc) and whether there are trade marks involved, although it’s rare for domain names to be trade-marked.

You may have a domain name that is registered elsewhere, but you’d like it to point to our hosting service. We’re always happy to guide clients through this technical exercise.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to consolidate your domain name and hosting together in one package, we can arrange a transfer-in of your domain to our registrar. Transfers-in may occur fees at your existing/legacy registrar and are also subject to restrictions such as domain locking within the renewal period.

Our parent registrar is based in the UK. Rarely, our clients have or require non-UK country-level domains such as .eu, .de or .se. We have an arrangement with a European-based Registrar to manage these so we can offer them where legislation permits.

Please contact us for more information.