Email Authentication – important deadline 31-Jan 2015

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As discussed in this earlier post, we use shared certificates to provide you with secure authentication to our mail servers. These shared certificates expire every 12 months and our current ones will expire on the 31st Jan 2015. They will automatically be replaced with new ones but you may find that your mail client/program complains that the certificate is invalid (see the earlier post for details of why this happens). If you receive any errors, all you need to do is accept (or create an exception for) the new certificate. If you have any problems, drop us an email – [email protected] and we’ll help you fix it. It will be handy to know (a) what device you’re using (PC, Mac, Android mobile, iPhone, tablet etc), (b) what mail software (Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird etc) and what encryption/authentication type you’re trying to use (None, TLS, SSL), plus any errors you’re getting.