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Can’t view my website or connect to Email

We’re contacted on a regular basis on our support channel about issues with websites being down or email being blocked. Sometimes it’s one or the other, but frequently both. This post explains likely causes and offers some solutions and advice. You can contact us at any time, either through our support ticketing system at, […]

Help – My Emails are being Junked!

This article talks about Spam. How to improve the deliverability of your email and avoid being labelled as a Spammer. Options for SMEs, Charities and Membership Organisations on a limited budget for communicating with their clients and members. It sets out a simple strategy for email messaging, when options are limited to a single shared […]

WordPress Theme and Plugin Maintenance

Abandoned WordPress plugins and themes are a security risk. We can alert you to their presence on your WordPress website but replacement/removal can be time-consuming and require changes to the layouts and design of your website. We offer a three-tier service level agreement (SLA) that covers all aspects of maintenance, security and re-design, based on […]

Keeping your WordPress themes and plugins up to date

We use WordPress as our go-to content management system (CMS) on over 90% of the websites that we design and host. It isn’t difficult to see why it’s the most popular CMS globally. It’s easy to use and is well-supported by a global community of users and developers. Broadly speaking, WordPress is made up of […]

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Before the break, we completed our second piece of work with the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society It’s been a pleasure to work with this Scottish Charity, especially in these difficult times when their main activities and events are curtailed so severely. We successfully upgraded their digital archive to the latest version of AtoM […]

Securing Government Email

We’ve been contacted on occasion by clients asking about our compliance with the Government guidance on securing email. This is important for public sector organisations that use Internet-based email, as many of our clients do. The guidance is intended to help organisations reach a minimum level of security when exchanging email. By design, it avoids […]

Guide for Sending and Receiving Email and Troubleshooting Email Issues

summary supported devices supported mail clients connect to our service using webmail using a mail client troubleshooting checklist for reporting problems how to get help your account control panel browser warnings FAQ Summary The security of your data is important to us, so we’ve made some changes to ensure that all communication between your devices […]

Keeping your WordPress site secure

Keeping your WordPress site secure and in good health can be challenging. Here at Lunaria, the great majority of web sites that we build and host are based on the WordPress content management system (CMS). Other CMSs are available (Drupal, Joomla etc) but WordPress is the most popular globally, accounting for some 42% of all […]

Covid-19 – Information for Lunaria Clients

In line with recent Government advice on social isolation, we have moved out of our Studio at Summerhall are now working from our home offices. As the bulk of our services are delivered online or can be delivered remotely, we are not expecting any problems with the delivery and maintenance of our web services, at […]

Email Deliverability

[Note: If you use Microsoft Office/Outlook 365 then some of the following won’t apply – your rules are defined elsewhere] Something we get asked a lot is “I sent an email but it wasn’t delivered”. Or the the other way around – “someone sent me an email but it didn’t arrive”. The reality is that […]

Email Authentication – important deadline 31-Jan 2015

As discussed in this earlier post, we use shared certificates to provide you with secure authentication to our mail servers. These shared certificates expire every 12 months and our current ones will expire on the 31st Jan 2015. They will automatically be replaced with new ones but you may find that your mail client/program complains […]

Email Authentication and Encryption

This topic causes annoyance on a regular basis for many, including ourselves. Here are some tips on keeping your email secure with a minimum of hassle. Why should I use email authentication and encryption ? When you send or receive email, the first step is to authenticate yourself with the mail server. This involves sending your […]