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Leaflet designed by Lunaria Ltd.
We were lucky enough to be chosen by Just-Nepal to help put together the visual elements required for the companies emerging brand identity. I say lucky because it turned out to a be a really interesting project. The work involved developing a logo, creating the printed materials needed for the launch (leaflets, business cards, and discount vouchers) in addition to a bit of picture editing and print buying.

Just-Nepal founder, Gopal Lama, had a pretty strong idea of what he wanted to achieve and after a couple of meetings and a few creative suggestions from both sides we settled on the logo featured here. It was important to come up with something that related to both Nepal and Scotland and the visual similarities between a Celtic knot and the equally traditional Nepalese “endless knot” seemed, to both of us, to fit the bill quite nicely. We tried out a few variations on the theme and ran them past an informal focus group to help gauge which one was working best with the target audience.
Logo designed by Lunaria Ltd.
Lunaria weren’t directly involved in building the website, due credit goes to others for that. That doesn’t mean we can’t shamelessly promote the site although we won’t provide a hyperlink, you should be able to guess what it is from the logo…