Help – My Emails are being Junked!

This article talks about Spam. How to improve the deliverability of your email and avoid being labelled as a Spammer. Options for SMEs, Charities and Membership Organisations on a limited budget for communicating with their clients and members. It sets out a simple strategy for email messaging, when options are limited to a single shared […]


Securing Government Email

We’ve been contacted on occasion by clients asking about our compliance with the Government guidance on securing email. This is important for public sector organisations that use Internet-based email, as many of our clients do. The guidance is intended to help organisations reach a minimum level of security when exchanging email. By design, it avoids […]

Guide for Sending and Receiving Email and Troubleshooting Email Issues

summary supported devices supported mail clients connect to our service using webmail using a mail client troubleshooting checklist for reporting problems how to get help your account control panel browser warnings FAQ Summary The security of your data is important to us, so we’ve made some changes to ensure that all communication between your devices […]

wordpress security

Keeping your WordPress site secure

Keeping your WordPress site secure and in good health can be challenging. Here at Lunaria, the great majority of web sites that we build and host are based on the WordPress content management system (CMS). Other CMSs are available (Drupal, Joomla etc) but WordPress is the most popular globally, accounting for some 42% of all […]